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The platform that will finally make a meaningful

difference to your health and fitness.

Welcome to PIVOT

What you cannot measure,

you cannot manage.

Ever felt let down by a scale? Maybe you feel like you’ve worked really hard on your diet and your exercise but nothing ever seems to work and leaves you depressed and demotivated.

We have put together a unique

monitoring system

The system collates data from

your weight, BMI, fitness parameters, strength and flexibility.

We determine what fitness stage you at and help you actively plan your assault on improvement

Under the guidance of professional biokinetisits, you will move to the next stage where we line up your visits to the bio every six weeks

The New COVID at home test allows you to login your scores on your home test to follow your progress on the leaderboard!

No matter if you a fitness freak who needs to work in more strength work, a pilates instructor who wants to run a PB 5km or a post pregnancy mum dying to get back into the swing of things, this is for you.


Measure your progress, check in with a professional and don’t waste months, if not years trying the same old thing and expecting different results.

 Ready to up your fitness score? 

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